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Gateway Cabling Question

Question asked by jpom18 on Feb 13, 2014
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I have been looking at a gateway system but am trying to figure out what kind of cabling is going to have to be done.  I live in a 4 level split, and I have only one coax connection that comes into the living room from outside on the ground floor.  From there the cable is split with one side going to a HD Box and the other side going up the wall into the spare bedroom on the top floor.  The cable is then split 3 ways with one going to a tv in the spare bedroom, one going to the Digital Terminal in the master bedroom and one going to the office.  The cable in the office is then split 3 ways again with 2 of them going to HD Boxes and one to the motorola modem.


My plan if getting the gateway would be to replace the boxes on the Living Room TV, the Master Bedroom TV and the 2 Office TV's with Gateway portals.  Then I would put a Digital Terminal into the spare bedroom as it is not a HD TV.  Because of my setup and requirements it is not feasible to move the modem out of the office so if has to stay there.


So as I understand it the MOCA network that the Gateway system runs on has to be kept separate from non-MOCA devices by way of a filter.  Are the filters installed on a per device basis (i.e. One filter attached to each device to be kept off the MOCA network) or do you actually need a completely separate cable setup for non-MOCA devices. 


So with that all said would it be reasonable to expect to be able to set it up like this:

Cable comes into the living room and is split 3 ways, one to the Gateway, one to a Portal, and one running up the way to the spare bedroom on the upper level.  In the spare bedroom split the cable 3 ways again, one to the portal in the master bedroom, one into the office and the third to the digital terminal in the spare bedroom with a filter on it.  The cable into the office would then be split 3 ways again, one with a filter running to the modem and the other 2 to the Office Portals.


Any suggestions/comments would be appreciated, I just want to get an idea of how this will work before going out and buying anything.


Thank You