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How to request changes and additions to Gateway functionality

Question asked by rolandq on Feb 15, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2014 by mark_vse

I am new to the community and to the Gateway.  Although I am mostly pleased with the Gateway there are several functions on my Motorola PVR that I thought were pretty basic functionality that are missing on the Gateway.  I have noticed from reading the forums that mark_vse has mentioned several times that new functionality is driven by customer demand, but I have been unable to find anywhere that describes how we as customers should make requests for new functionality or changes to existing functionality.  Could someone please let me know the correct way to make change requests?  Thanks.


And by the way, I find it absolutely amazing that Shaw is selling a product that allows up to six recordings to occur at one time, but also only allows 500 GB of shows to be recorded.  Please either start selling expanders again, or publish information on known, working configurations so that we can buy 3rd party products with some confidence that they will work!  500 GB is so unacceptable for a product like the Gateway.


Thanks for your help