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Explain why McAfee can find all Nework devices but Win7 can't?

Question asked by mrwebber35 on Feb 15, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2014 by mrwebber35

I simply can not understand why McAfee can detect my television Blu-Ray player Panasonic DLP-BD75. Windows7 Ultimate can not see this device
(with all firewalls set appropriately(Windows Fire wall OFF). Probably not a coincidence that I can not set up or join a Home Group either with my ASUS i7 computer. With my Win7 laptop computer I can set up a Home Group, can send out the invitation to Home Group and can see that a Home Group is available to join on the the ASUS i7 computer. I can click that in Network to join Home Group, it asks for a password that it identifies as being created by the laptop but it gets hung up after that. The progress bar just acts as if it is trying to check the password but never gets pass some protocol.


I checked all IP addresses and they all are different starting at DHCP GATEWAY=, then,,, etc. All MAC addresses are different. They connect using Ip4 I have seen. Everything seems to work fine but Win7 on both the laptop and the Asus i7 computer can not see the Panasonic Blu-Ray player and the Blu-Ray can not access any content on the computers. The Blu-Ray connects fine to online content like Netflix and passes all tests for configuration. The owners manual just says once this is accomplished Win7 should connect fine to the Blu-Ray. I also have a WinXP Dell computer that can not ever join a Win7 HomeGroup, of course, but it can only see the ASUS i7, the laptop and the Gateway Router. The Router by the way is a Linksys BEF-SR41 CABLE ROUTER.


Bottom line again, why does McAfee Security see everything in the Nework including the Panasonic Blu-Ray but Windows Can't?