More differences between old and new boxes

Discussion created by icarus59 on Feb 17, 2014
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I have previously noted how the rewind function worked for a Shaw On Demand episode of Almost Human on my DCT6200 converter, but the same show would not rewind on my newer DCX3200 box. And I mean rewind, not the often disabled fast forward.


Granted, the two boxes give very different guides, and one has MPG4 capability while the other does not. But it is all the same program coming in through the cable isn't it? 


Or is it?


Today I came across another interesting difference.

I was watching what I thought was Rambo on spike tv on my DCX3200 equip tv.  Well, it was not exactly rambo, but rambo 4.


I went downstairs to watch it on my DCT6200 equipped TV where guide correctly reported it as Rambo 4.

I also notice that the INFO for the show is different on the two boxes.  The DCT6200 INFO is shorter. The DCX3200 INFO is longer.


I am curious why there would be two different streams of data for the 2 boxes.  And one stream or the other can contain incorrect info it would seem (Rambo 4 vs Rambo).  It might explain my recent rewind issue which I plan to try again next time I download movie or tv show from On Demand.


I took some photos and posted them for those who would otherwise say I am mistaken.




I was wondering WHY I was finding annoying differences between the two boxes, often prefering the OLDER DCT6200 box over the newer dcx3200.

If the two boxes are not receiving the same data stream, well, that might explain all the quirks I have so far.


So, are the 2 boxes actually accessing the same data, or are the 2 boxes sent sometimes different data?