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I cannot rewind live TV or tape Vikings

Question asked by greybird on Feb 18, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2014 by greybird

On 3 different days while watching Global morning news, I tried to rewind the live TV news show to catch something I missed and it would not rewind. I had to change channels and then come back again for it to start recording live so that if I wanted to I could rewind it.


Also, I tried recording the Vikings at 10 pm Feb. 27th and it told me I couldn't because of a conflict with the Viking episode at 7 pm same day.  I knew that...that's why I wasn't recording the 7 pm show but the 10 pm show.  So it seems that now I have to manually record every friggin' show because the pvr can't understand to tape only the episode I asked it to tape.


I cannot tell you how much I hate this pvr.  Every day I swear at it.  All the problems I wrote to you about are still there.  I really don't think anyone is working on fixing anything.  If they are they aren't sharing it with us.