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PVR records one minute and then stops recording

Question asked by diboja on Feb 20, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2014 by shaw-colin

I have a Motorola Model DCX3400-M PVR. Had this unit for a few years now and have never had issues.


Recently when I set to record some of my favorite programs - I go to playback and find that only one minute of the program has been recorded!

Kind of frustrating when your looking forward to viewing a show - sometimes this is OK as there are repeats, at times there are no repeats.

This will happen to about 20% of the shows that I record - never had this problem on my PVR which I have had for years.


Checked the internet on the Digital Forums and found that this problem has been around for years on all models of PVR's but I could not find any resolution to the problem.


Last night I called Shaw, explained the problem and they did a remote shutting down and restart of the PVR....


Hopefully this will resolve the issue??!!


Has anyone else experienced this problem?