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Need help with cisco modem parental controls

Question asked by zubrette on Feb 21, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2014 by julia

My Husband and I have a cisco modem and are logged into it trying to set up parental controls to limit my son's time on the computer.  We also do not want it to limit what times we choose to access the internet.  Once we logged onto the modem, we set "time of day restrictions" and named them, and then went in and set up users for myself, my husband and my son with passwords. We placed my husband and myself as trusted users so we would not be limited to time access to the internet, and made sure my son was not enabled as a trusted user so he would have the restrictions on him. We then went to the basic rules tab and enabled the parental controls. However when we try to access the internet, none of us can connect even though this is during a time that was not restricted for anyone to have access to the internet. Also, I wonder where the user names come in.  We have set them up but there is no time when logging onto the internet with any of our devices or computers that it asks anyone to log in.  So how will the modem know who is logging onto the internet and what restrictions should apply to them?  Can you please help me out with this and tell me what steps we may have missed?