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Custom settings for series recordings not taking effect

Question asked by kevinds on Feb 23, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2014 by [shaw]ali

Background information:

I have the default for series recordings set to START 2 minutes early, END 2 minutes late, KEEP: until I delete, EPISODE LIMIT: unlimited, ACCEPT first run only


I have two series I have recently setup using the defaults, and then edited to, START: 2 minutes late  END: 2 minutes early, KEEP: 'til space needed, EPISODE LIMIT: 5, ACCEPT: repeats


In the two series that I have setup this way, only the accept repeats seems to have taken effect, I expected to have 26 minute recordings but they are each 34, and they are adding up, the one show is up to 7 episodes now,


Is there something I'm missing to having the non-default settings take effect?  I don't think I did something wrong because the repeats are recording as expected, but the episodes aren't being deleted, nor starting late or ending early.


Any ideas what I have done wrong?