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Recorded show won't delete

Question asked by alman on Feb 23, 2014
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Recording set for 3AM to record olympic gold medal game, followed by the closing ceremony. Red recording light was on until 12:30 PM.I assumed that the program had recorded. Guide showed me "in progress", would not let me cut in and watch. During this time I could not view, delete, or do anything with it. Now when "recording" had stopped, I wanted to see the recorded program. There is NOTHING there, shows me a folder, and when I want to delete this, it does not even give me this option (delete/resume, etc....) that window does not come up. I want to get rid of this spoiled recording but I just can't find the way to do so. I did reboot the box, unplugged the cable as well, no change. Is there a way to force delete this recording? Very frustrating and upsetting as the scheduled show did nor record, or if it did, I can't access it. Another "good" point for this famous DCX 3510. Any ideas?? Thanks.