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No help from Shaw :(

Question asked by mosol on Feb 24, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2014 by mosol

I had contacted Shaw direct to inquire about obtaining cable/satellite TV  on behalf of my elderly mother who resides in a remote area of Manitoba. I had explained to Shaw that her previous TV connection was by way of her antennae and unfortunately the recepiton was extremely poor.  Shaw Direct then connected her with satellite service.  Within 2 weeks of obtaining shaw's connection I heard from one of my mothers neighbors that she should be receiving her connection for free, as she was only receiving 5 channels (all local with the exception of City TV).  I then conntaced Shaw to find out why my mother would have to be paying for the basic channel service when the Free channels were available (referred to as LTSS).  Shaw then informed me of this program, LTSS and had send me an application for my mother to complete.  I received the application and submitted it in on her behalf.  Within 3 days my mother received a phone call from Shaw Direct stating she was ineligible because she has already been receiving cable/satellite service (keep in mind the service she was connected to was Shaw Direct and had only been connected for 2 weeks).  When I contacted Shaw asking why she was declined this free service they blamed it on the CRTC.  Also they said if I would have asked the proper questions when making my inquiry they would have determined her eligibility.  Needless to say I am extremely dissappointed with Shaw and their lack on compassion based on this situation.  I feel like I was improperly notified that this service was available and I was very specific when making my inquiry initially that she was coming off an antennae service and resides in a remote part of Manitoba, being a Sr. and wanting the least expensive program as she really only watches two channels.  At this point Shaw is not willing to assist and basically is saying that the only way for her to obtain service under the LTSS program is to cancel her current service with Shaw.  Also, this entire process has only been less than three weeks as she hasn't even received her first Shaw bill.  Sorry Shaw, I'm very dissappointed in you.