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disgusting customer support

Question asked by connormc on Feb 24, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2014 by shaw-matt

i have a very complicated problem with shaw. every time i try to solve the issue i take about 30 minutes to an hour fully explaining it to a tech. over 5 times i have bee told i will be called back. then not to get a response


the other day i talked to a male in the nanaimo office ( i am 100% sure) and i explained him my situation. I DIDNT WANT TO BE CALLED BACK. i just wanted it solved. he told me he would call me back. i said ok well every other time i have been told i will be called back for this it seems like agents look into it then never call me back asif they will loose there job over it because i have been told i will be called back over 5 times and never happened. he said that was terrible and should never happen. he said at the very least even if the answer is not in my favour. and its a simple "no" or "sorry we cant do that" or "we cant do that because" he would still call me back. his point was even if it was pointless. still call me back if you said you were gonna.


this convo i had was 100% on friday or saturday. i think friday. he told me he had monday tuesday off. and he would call me wednesday with info. he never called back. so i let mat on the forums here know because he works at the the nanaimo office. i gave him all these details and i told him it was a male working there on wednesday who said he would call me back at 3pm. mat didnt do his job to help me very well at all. instead of trying to find the agent. all he did was try to make me explain the problem to him. this is EXACTLY what i dont want and the entire problem. this is not how you treat customers.


if this problem is not solved. i will not give shaw 1 dime once my promotion is up. as i feel i should be getting money back for the time i have had to waste on the phone with phone support that never gets anything done. pathetic.