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DCT700 with VCR *TAPE a SHOW While Simultaneously WATCHING ANOTHER*???

Question asked by scruffy on Feb 25, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2014 by kevinds

After a full 4 hours of frustration, followed by 2 hours on the phone with supposed knowledgeable SHAW staff (who I am sure tried their best BUT got me NOWHERE!!!), I FINALLY stumbled onto the SHAW website and have connected the DCT700 - VCR as outlined, SO praying I see the VCR tape the shows set to record!! BUT ***will we be able to WATCH a DIFFERENT CHANNEL SHOW on at THE SAME TIME AS THE ONE SET TO RECORD***??? This is what one can do with the normal ***CABLE IN TO THE VCR THEN OUT TO THE TV***, as has been the case these last 35 years, BUT if the DCT-700 is acting as the receiver firing the signal to the VCR, how can we watch another TV SHOW while simultaneously taping ANOTHER!!! I PRAY I AM WRONG IN MY INNOCENT ASSUMPTION, BUT ANY THOUGHTS FROM YOU EXPERTS OUT THERE, AS TO WHAT MAY OR MAY NOT HAPPEN?? **OUR SINCERE THANKS**!!!