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Cannot send email

Question asked by bimrie on Feb 25, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2014 by [shaw]jeff

I have been unable to send email from my mobile phone for some time now; I'm looking for any help I can get!


I am using a Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android 4.3, and it is not rooted.  Around mid-December 2013 I started getting error messages when trying to send email from my phone; they said, "Cannot connect to server."  The email account was configured as an Exchange account at that time.  I deleted the account and then set it up on the phone as a POP account.  All my messages downloaded to the newly setup/configured account, and I could receive new messages, but I still could not send.  The message I received this time was "Retrieving account information ...".  The message appears over the keyboard for about three seconds and then disappears.  The email is not sent, it is not moved to the Outbox, it just does not send the message.  I have verified that my password meets the security requirements by logging into Webmail and checking from the Preferences > General > Mobile Devices section.


I deleted the account and today set it up again as an Exchange account.following the steps provided here: How to set up email and WiFi on Samsung Galaxy S4.  I still receive the same message/behaviour: all emails are downloaded from the server, and I can receive new emails on the phone, but when attempting to send from the phone, I get a message saying, "Retrieving account information ..." and the message will not be sent.


Any help is appreciated.