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"skipping" forward and back on DCX3400-M

Question asked by tkdragon on Feb 26, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2014 by kevinds

This is an issue that I have seen on both DCX3400-M boxes I have...


When I am watching a recorded show and get to commercials, I want to advance through them. To advance, I press the button right below the mute button. To "rewind", I press the one right below that (the remote is an Atlas 1056BC03).


What has been happening is after you press the button to advance several times (I believe it advances 15 to 30 seconds per press) the pvr seems to freeze and when you press the button again, it has advanced well past the amount of time it usually does and it is back into the recorded program. Then, when you press the other button to go back to the end of the commercial break, it will sometimes mess up and when it  clears it is ahead of the time when you pressed it and not back more. Am I explaining this properly?


In the end, I need to know if this is a verifiable issue or a glitch - and - is there a different way to achieve the same function without the issues?