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Frequent Wifi disconnection

Question asked by westnortel on Feb 27, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2014 by esham

For the past week or so, I have been consistently having issues with the wifi where it disconnects for 5-30 secs at a time.

  • DPC3825 modem
  • Ethernet ports are working fine though (as in no problems with disconnection)
  • Occurs very frequently (up to 4-5 times an hour), peak and non-peak hours
  • Resetting the modem does not help
  • Problem exist using different laptops (tried with 4 different ones)
  • Problem exist even when only 1 device connected
  • Laptops have no problem connecting with other networks (public/private)
  • Signal strength is good (4 or 5 bars) when connected
  • Distance is not the reason (unless being 4m away is too far)
  • Tried being right beside the modem (nothing but air in between), but problem still occur
  • Used to have custom settings but now reverted back to default
  • Tried changing channels, problems still occur


So I am wondering if anyone could provide insights in my problems for possible fixes?


Seems like relocation is the fix, probably interference from my neighbors, moved the modem half a meter away and my connection haven't broke off for over 2 hours:D Thanks for everyone's help.