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Random flickering on multiple channels with audio dropping out simultaneously

Question asked by freakyjas0n on Feb 28, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2014 by freakyjas0n

Hi there,


Well, the subject title says it all...


I have a Motorola DCX3510-M PVR, that has been experiencing this issue since it was installed a couple of years ago. I have had at least 3 Shaw techs come out to investigate since, and all of them cannot explain why it's happening. Only the last tech that visited last year noticed it as it was happening, as it does not happen continuously, and not on all channels. It usually never happens when the tech comes; only when I'm calling in as it's happening. Happens on SD or HD channels, and in the guide as well.

I also have a standard HD box, and an SD box, both on other TV's, and neither of them are experiencing this issue.


It got really bad recently, as I was watching the Winter Olympics on CBC, where it would flicker repeatedly every few seconds; Therefore ruining my recordings. Pretty much ruined all my recordings thus far.


In addition, the channel number flashes on the top of my TV screen for no reason, without me even touching the remote.


What gives?


Please help me fix this, before I cancel Shaw altogether. I'm a pretty patient guy, but this is really testing my patience.


Thank you in advance...