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Internet speed - how variable should it be?

Question asked by harleyj on Mar 1, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2014 by [shaw]ali

I have the Broadband 100 service.  Have had it just over a month.  For the first month, by download speeds (using different speed tests on different devices) were consistently in the 40-70Mbps range.  The tests have been done with multiple devices (one Win7, one Win8, one iPad2).  There have been no changes to the configuration of these devices since getting the Shaw connection. 


Then last weekend, everything slowed down to 1.5Mbps and less.  I contacted Shaw support, who had me reset the modem and change the radio channel on the modem to channel 1 (from auto).  This was an instant fix, but consistent speed now was in the 20-40Mbps range over the following week.


Yesterday evening, everything slowed down again to about 1.5Mpbs.  I reset the modem, changed the radio channel away from 1.  This time the reset and channel change did nothing.  Changing back to channel 1 did nothing.  Speeds still stuck at ~1.5Mbps.


This morning, at 9:50am, I tested again, and was back to 43.26Mbps.  At 12:42pm I tested again and got 1.64Mpbs.


Having 40-70Mpbs for a supposed 100Mpbs connection is not great but I could live with that but would consider downgrading to a 50Mps service.


But having it drop to 1.5Mpbs for hours at a time (I have been testing this on and off since 12:42pm today) is not, especially not for $90 per month.


Because I have seen speeds from much less than 1.0MPbs all the way to 70Mpbs+ over the course of a month and a bit, and nothing has changed on the multiple computers uses to conduct the speed tests, I do not believe this is a problem with my computers, my network, my antivirus, etc. etc. and all the usual first lines of defence on questions like this. I know how to reset the modem and have done so, so that's not the solution either.


Is my experience common?  If so, I will simply cancel the account.   If not, what else can I be doing to fix this?


Thanks in advance.