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Why is McAfee causing me all kinds of problems with pop-up ads??

Question asked by 1940may on Mar 1, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2014 by 1940may

Last October I updated my internet service with Shaw and at that time McAfee somehow showed up and I was told that it was free and a good service.  Even though I had Norton and had just renewed it I left it as is and had both.  All was well until a week ago when a message from McAfee popped up saying I should sign up for the better protection for only $39.99 a year, which I stupidly did.  Then the problems started, all kinds of ads popping up, computer slowing down and unable to play certain games. 

I ended up getting a reputable computer technician to come in and as soon as he saw McAfee I was told that was my problem and apparently he has come across others who have experienced the same thing.  I immediately got him to remove it all together.  I am disappointed that Shaw would recommend such a company who appear not to be very reputable.  Shame on Shaw.