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Two Disconnection issues in Calgary, AB

Question asked by spindle on Mar 1, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2014 by [shaw]ali

Hey all, I have two different internet issues going on.  My connection is 25/2.5 and besides these 2 issues, everything is smooth sailing.


Issue one, my internet disconnects under -25c, and -25c is a hard number! it works fine until then, but around that threshold it will slow down to nonexistent speeds, and then finally there is no connection.  I have an ethernet connection straight to the Cisco DCP 3825 Router/Modem, and this affects wireless as well.  Internet works fine above -25c, even usually getting slightly-above rated speeds.


(An example result from a few months back, 1.25mb was a good result. Like I said, I can't even connect anymore) by Ookla - My Results


(My regular results) by Ookla - My Results


Considering Southern Alberta has been affected by some unusually cold snaps this winter, I've been having a lot of downtime because of it, so it's a good thing my phone plan has unlimited data for times like these!  However this is not an issue I was even able to google, it seems like nobody else has their internet disconnect because of the cold, so I come to the shaw community and I ask, what the heck is going on?!


Issue two, disconnection when querying multiple servers.  This is definitely a much more common issue, but for example in Team Fortress 2, if I load up the master server list, there is an almost-guaranteed chance that it will load partially, then I lose internet connection briefly for a few minutes (no response from DNS server).  I've gone through Steam's help and configured Steam's rate and have it set to throttle but I still disconnect.  I'm not certain what the issue is exactly, but it's kind of as though the modem/router is being choked all at once.  Are there any fixes to this, and would bridged mode fix this at all with another router?

Thanks for the time guys