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Shaw On Demand Question

Question asked by ken.fujimoto on Mar 1, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2014 by [shaw]ali

I recently moved my Motorola DCX3400M HDPVR box downstairs to a big screen TV in the basement and got a Motorola DCX3200M HD-only box for the bedroom TV. The newer DCX3200M box displays Shaw On Demand movies in a nicer format with tabs and the movie 'case' in rows below but it also seems to have more content than the older DCX3400M PVR. I spoke to a Shaw Support Tech who said the Shaw On Demand content was dependent upon the the specific box which surprised me. I would have thought the available content for SOD would have been the same when one logged onto it with whatever hardware was being used. Since this does not seem to be the case, does anyone know how to update the SOD contents on the older DCX3400M with the same movies that the newer DCX3200M shows? In particular the 3200M shows a category called 'Classics' that I would like to access on the big screen with the 3400M PVR. I say this because I use the PVR to record PBS programs that we like to watch on the big screen and access to more movies would be better from the big screen too. Thanks very much.