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HTC8S cell phone

Question asked by heatexchange on Mar 4, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2014 by gwydionjhr

I have a HTC8S widows phone. I wanted to linked my email accounts which I did and it at first seemed to work and I'm receiving emails but the problem is I can't send emails and pictures as attachements.

Every time I go in to my Shaw email I get a message that says "Update your account info for 587.0" Below that is where you enter your Username and Password and press Save. I do all that but the next time the same thing happens.

I get the same thing with my Hotmail account where it says I have a problem with the server or your connection and also I apparently last updated 2 months ago even though I sync from my phone. I get an error code 8501001D.

The problem may be between the chair and the keyboard but I would like some help with this.