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new Ch 78, Ch 80 appear in guide, but data still blank (tba) days later

Question asked by bcb on Mar 5, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2014 by kevinds

several days ago, a couple new channels showed up in the HD Guide, channels 78 and 80. I assume they are some new free preview channels.


but even though it's now been several days, the guide data for these channels remains empty, showing "To Be Annouced"

For any other free preview channel, the guide data does not take long to populate



- if I tune manually to these channels by punching in the numbers 78 or 80 on the remote, I can view the channels

- however, if I open up the guide and navigate to these channels using the channel up/channel down buttons, then press OK to select the channel nothing happens. In other words, because the line in the guide says To Be Announced, the channel cannot be selected and tuned to by navigating within the guide



so...  2 question:

- are these free preview channels (and if so, what are they)

- why doesn't the guide data get updated/loaded correctly


and I'm sure you're going to suggest "just power cycle the box", but clearly if the data is not loading automatically like all other free preview channels, there's something buggy about this box (but hey we ALL know that, don't we?)