HNIC CBC ch3 7pm 3/8 guide data missing

Discussion created by bcb on Mar 5, 2014

for some reason the Canucks/Flames game on ch3 Sat Mar 8 7pm does not show up correctly in the guide data. Instead of showing the correct game description and LIVE tag, it simply shows up as "NHL Hockey"


meanwhile, the early HNIC game at 4pm shows up with correct description of the Leafs game and a LIVE tag.


since the 7pm show has incorrect description and no LIVE tag, when I set a recording, there is no option to extend the recording, as I usually do for any live sports program (e.g. in case it goes to OT).    Of course, if the 3510 had the ability (HINT, HINT)  to extend any arbitrary recording, not just live shows (like my ancient old but 100% reliable non-Shaw PVR used to do, before the DNU rendered it useless), then this wouldn't be a problem.


what's with the missing guide data? another glitch on Shaw's side, like the recent one that caused the recent duplicate scheduled recordings I reported, or the missing guide data on ch78/ch80?