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Turn off notices in email?

Question asked by private on Mar 6, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2014 by [shaw]heather

I receive the Shaw Support Community Updates. I gather they are complimentary when signing up. No thanks.


When I read through it, there is nothing there. Usually, at the bottom, most reputable places will offer a UNsubscribe option.


I did see "Update your email preferences" beside something that might be a hint. When I highlighted the whole area, it says


Not interested in these emails anymore, or want to change how often they come? Update your email preferences


When I click on "Update your email preferences.. ", I am at a login page. From there, once logged in, I checked every link, that looked like a link. There are several *colours used for links. I find it easier if I mouseover everything. Did that, and still no UNsubscribe found.


I would like to see like we see so often everywhere else, a one-click unsubscribe, or better still, an 'unsubscribe' option.


Do I have to phone to stop the emails?




* I thought Shaw was a Canadian company in Canada - so why use an American spell-checker?  I know why, I'm wondering if Shaw does.