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Pre-Paid Calling Plan - Auto Recharge Feature

Question asked by 7825 on Mar 7, 2014
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I use your pre-paid calling plan quite frequently, I find it useful, however I just realized that when my balance goes below $10 it auto recharges another $10....which surprised me on my credit card. I probably signed up for this a while ago and forgot. How can I turn off the auto-recharge feature. I monitor fairly closely and I would like to re-load when and how much as I see fit. On the pre-paid calling website it says;


"To update your Auto Recharge information, please contact our customer service call center." and when I called the number on the right side of the website 1-877-886-7429 it took me to Shaw general phone line, and I spoke to someone in billing who told me she couldn't help me...she transferred me and now I am waiting for a call in 12-20 minutes (which I hope they can help)


However if someone on here knows what I need to do that would be greatly appreciated.


Thank You