Slow internet in Peak Hours - Stony Plain, AB

Discussion created by treviathon on Mar 10, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2014 by corbin

I've chatted online via the live chat with at least two Shaw support technicians.  They have both came to the same conclusion that there is major network congestion in my area (6-11PM), and admitted this problem is more widespread - even listing some examples in Northern BC.


My area is new area under heavy development in southeast Stony Plain, AB.  I was given no ETA on a possible fix - just acknowledgment that there was a problem - with no potential fix in the works. Just wondering if anyone else out there is having the same problems?  One solution that was offered to me was to downgrade my package - why even sell me something that can't be provided intially.  I've never felt let down by Shaw - ever - until now.  They did adjust my bill by 5/month for 6 months which was nice, but more a slap in the face really.  I just really want to use my internet when I have the time available to do so.


Perhaps Shaw needs to have a designated amount of new people it can bring on board until it has the infrastructure to support expanding?  I love Shaw, but its been at least 4 weeks with no resolution in sight, I hate thinking I would even consider Telus as they have been nothing short of brutal in my past experiences.  Thoughts?


Edit - Upon reading more of the forums I stumbled upon more people with the same problems, but mostly date a year or more back.  Why do these sort of problems keep coming up if they are known about years ago?  In other cases Shaw has pro-actively contacted customers and mentioned the problems in the area, and given appropirate credits, nothing to that effect yet for me.  I can't wait for my rapidly expanding neighbourhood to push the load on Shaw even higher as they continue to sell new accounts.  A switch to dedicated bandwith (the evil empire Telus) may be in order.  Come on Shaw, get your act together!