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Gateway and Slingbox remote code problem

Question asked by rlbrown on Mar 11, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2014 by nedf

I've been trying to get my Gateway system to work with my Slingbox HD for working remote codes for some time now. I can get it working (streaming) without any issue. I just CANNOT get it to change channels . I've tried the IR blaster in every position on the portal and no luck.

I have the correct remote showing  as well on the slingbox screen. I'm decent at hooking up this type of gear so trust me when I say ,it's not in the hookup as the IR blasters work perfectly on my old Motorola PVR.


I have read that some people have the slingbox working and have done what they suggested without any luck.


1. Does it matter what version the portals are ? I have the original Gateway and Portal from when it first came out.

2. Do you have to have the newer style of Slingbox's ?


Any help would be great as I'm pretty frustrated !!