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Airdrie BB250 still dissapointing, almost a year now.

Question asked by wvt on Mar 11, 2014
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Anyone at Shaw care to take a look or comment on weather my community had a date set for a node split yet?


Back story, moved to new community about 20% completed in 2010, BB250 became available mid 2011. Initially service was great, now we're from about 180 households to 600+ in the community and I'm lucky to get 50mbit during all peak hours (when I'm at home).  Airdrie was completely down last night for maintenance. I was hoping it was finally going to resolve this issue in the area. So I tested this morning at 9AM remotely from work.  I actually tested at 235mbt DL 15mbit UL consistantly (previous best every at 4am in past was 200mbit/15mbit)  Typical is 90mbit/15mbit.


So I was excited, got home and back to BB50 speeds.


I've had techs out, coax was RG11 ran new when I moved in, straight to modem with proper attenuators, signals perfect etc. Spoke with engineering in past, my node has half the capacity compared to a year newer being built community across the way.  I'm told there's about 300mbit available on my immediate HFC node, however this is for my side of the road and about 12-15 houses have Shaw services. The chances of getting full service are narrowed down to power outages when neighbors will have no activity.  At that time months ago a tech one site mentioned the junction point about 50 feet from my house was prepped for a node split from day 1 and it's a matter of scheduling and priority to have it done.  So I'm still waiting.  In a day and age where a small town like Olds can deliver up to 1gbit fiber to the home services at comparable pricing, you'd thing a new community with all the right infrastructure could deliver a nice DOCSIS3.0 experience.


As I mentioned, I've been through all the usual basic troubleshooting. Modem swap, firmware good, levels good, direct connect multiple gigabit systems, etc. It is a service issue not in-home.