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Closed Captions

Question asked by pdulmer on Mar 12, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2014 by [shaw]andrew

I'm back.

Closed captions are still bad, maybe even worse.

The captioning issues seem to be worst when watching shows that are recorded live, things like TSN, SUN News or Fox News seem to be the worst, but then again, those are the channels I watch the most too. Regular programs like sit-coms etc. work best, but are still not as good as "before ARRIS".

Last week, on 2 occasions, the caption delay was unbelievable, the captions showed up after the commercial break, i.e. the captions from the 1st 15 minutes were displayed during the 2nd 15 minutes. Sorry I do not now remember which programs, only that they were different titles. Truly unbelievable. 


You'll notice, I'm ignoring the "press pause" idea.