new 2-tuner failure - 1 tuner blank until recording stopped, both recordings fail

Discussion created by bcb on Mar 12, 2014

I've reported SOOO many different 2-tuner related problems ... none of them resolved, few of them even acknowledged by Shaw... that I can't even keep them all straight.  but today a severe example of the kind of thing I've seen before



- two (and exactly two) shows scheduled to start recording at the same time  (Jeopardy ch 83 Mar 12 4:30pm start , and Canucks/Jets game ch23 Mar 12 4:30pm start)

- both scheduled recordings seem to start normally (both REC lights on, both shows listed correctly and in-progress in recordings list)

- BUT... while the recording is in progress, tuning to one of the shows in progress on channel 23 shows a blank video/no audio. It's like one of the tuners has no signal. meanwhile changing to channel 83 seems fine. changing to any channel other than 23 or 83 brings up the expected warning that recordings in progress, do you want to cancel and change the channel or continue recording, etc. So it does appear that both tuners are indeed busy, one on ch23 the other on ch83.


I have seen this problem before, where 2 tuners busy recording somehow seems to temporarily kill one of the tuners


but it gets worse.


after waiting for the show on ch83 to finish recording, I confirm only 1 REC light remains on.

- now tuning to ch23 still shows blank video/no audio ! it's like the 2 simultaneous recordings killed ch23. Turning the box off/on via the Pwr button has no affect on this problem. and I can tune to any other channel and view live TV on those. Just ch 23 is dead.

- playing back the ch23 recording while still in progress shows the start of the game, but 4 seconds in the video freezes.

- only by cancelling the recording on ch23 does the live video come back to be watchable (it's like the scheduled recording killed the tuner, but after cancelling recording it resumed normal operation)


and it gets worse yet


- I play back the ch83 recording - listing shows it correctly as Jeopardy ch83 starting 4:30pm... BUT upon viewing it is the start of the hockey game on the other channel, then 4 seconds in the video freezes!!


so 2 simultaneous scheduled recordings botched BOTH recordings, and temporarily killed one of the tuners until the recording was cancelled.


gee, thanks POS DCX3510