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series recording issues ( wrong channel and repeats)

Question asked by spartans94 on Mar 14, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2014 by mark_vse

1) This issue I believe has to do with the description of the show to be recorded as it only seems to happen on the one channel.  I have two different series set up to record on channel 210 CTV and they both record both new and repeat shows.  The options are set to record first run only but it still records repeats, including shows that air in the early morning hours.  I think this is because when the listing just has the generic description of the show it does not show "repeat" which appears to be what the pvr keys on when it decides to record the show.  Any way around this as I seem to be recording 3-4 repeat episodes to 1 new episode.


2) This issue I have no idea why it is happening.  I set up a series recording to record Big Brother Canada on channel 254 (Slice HD) before the first episode even aired.  I finally went to watch them and it wouldn't play.  That is when I saw that it showed in the recording listings that it recorded channel 44 (Slice SD) not 254.  This is a problem because I do not receive channel 44.  This would be why it just froze the live image when I tried to play the recording.  At first I thought I made a mistake and set it to record 44 not 254.  I then checked the "sceduled to record" list and it shows "Big Brother Canada" is scheduled to be recorded on channel 254.  So it's not something that I did, but a bug in the system.  Now I don't now which channel it is going to record and I cannot watch the 5 episodes that I have recorded.  Any ideas what is going on?