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Shaw email account no longer works.

Question asked by on Mar 15, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2014 by shaw-lance

Today I tried logging into my Shaw email account but when I entered the password and clicked on the log in button, nothing happened. I thought for a second it could be a problem on their end and it will be fixed soon, but then remembered my uncle who's house I live in, recently switched cable and internet providers and is no longer with Shaw anymore as of a couple of days ago.


If this is the reason Shaw disabled my account, fine,I accept that. But I wish some sort of email notification would have been sent out by Shaw alerting me that the account is about to be deactivated in a short amount of time, giving me the chance to move any important emails and documents out of there.


I realize I should have been better prepared on my end knowing that the provider was about to change, but after using Shaw Email for so long (over 10 years) I completely forgot it was part of the cable package, and just became oblivious.


If only I had my account back for an hour, I could retrieve the stuff I need. Has anyone been successful in speaking with Shaw in about restoring email accounts even though you're no longer with them?