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Motorola DCT6416 III audio only on some channels

Question asked by syaredic on Mar 17, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2014 by shaw-matt

Hi; I have a subscription to HD channels and can view audio and video on all TV's in the house with a newer cable box and with the Arris Gateway system however, I have a TV in my office hooked up to a Motorola DCT6416 III cable box and can only get the audio on certain HD channels.  In particular,   This setup up consists only of a cablebox and TV.   The TV is an HD set and I have an HDMI cable connected to it directly from the cable box.  The cable from the outlet goes directly to the cablebox as well.  So, I'm thinking this should be working for all channels for which I am paying and I'm not sure why it doesn't?  Is this something that would have to be tweaked at Central Office?  Channels I only get audio on include 240 H2HD, 252 WHD, 253 LifeHD, 254 Slice HD, 266, NGWorld HD, 267 FXCHD, 268 EAHD, 269 DTRHD, 275 Comedy, 230 KNOHD and more.  Hoping someone can help!!