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Question asked by acreeves on Mar 18, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2014 by julia

What universal remote would you recommend for changing source with the Gateway system on Shaw?

At the moment I need to use 3 different remotes to operate the system and this is more than frustrating!!! - One Gateway remote for TV channels  2 - Remote to operate my sound system - Bose - 3 - Remote Samsung TV to switch to a TV setting to operate the Wii or computer settings. I find this more than frustrating especially when Shaw did have a remote which operated all of these devices but since we 'upgraded' to Gateway I need to switch remotes to get things working. Will Shaw work on rectifying this solution? If they can setup once why not now!!!???


Also setting up Favourite Channels - (and it appears that setting up Favourite channels does not put them in numerical order but in the order I select to put into favourites. Can this be sorted into numerical order?