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Gateway and Expander reporting wrong?

Question asked by nadia.lynnaya on Mar 18, 2014
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Hi - not sure if this is the ideal thread for this question but it seems the nearest/most generic I can find. Here is my situation: I just had the gateway system installed yesterday. (we used to have 3 TV's and 2 PVRs plus a Shaw Expander). Tech yesterday said to try the old expander (I KNEW we would need way more than the shared 500gigs) but when I called in last night another "help desk" person said it would not work with the new system and that I should get a new one. So tech came back out today, sold me a 1TB (apparently that is all they sell) expander and plugged it in/set it up for me. Problem now is that I have about 2-4 shows recorded and my "space" is already showing as 1% full. With my pvr + expander I never got above 0% until literally a few HUNDRED shows had recorded. Not sure what to think. Is the functionality/storage of the Gateway that different or is this a signal that the expander is not working correctly? Been a frustrating few days for sure and getting WAY too many mixed messages from different personnel. Hoping this can ultimately be my "one stop shop".


Thanks - Nadia