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What can Shaw do regarding the multitude of phone scam artists calling my number

Question asked by wineabit on Mar 18, 2014
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When we moved to a new area last June, Shaw had to give us a new telephone number.  Since then, we are constantly receiving calls from scammers. It is now at the point that if I don't recognize the # I do not answer.  They never leave a message, but call back at all hours of the day, every day.  When I look up these numbers on the internet, I find out they are scammers.  Yes, I can and yes I do block these numbers, but come on ... I now have more than 2 dozen numbers blocked on my phone,  Soon I will run out of memory.  What's going on here anyway?  Is Shaw selling their landline numbers?  I like having a landline but this is getting to be too much.  I'm seriously considering dropping the landline or going with Telus.  Can't Shaw do something about this other than to tell its clients to block numbers?