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Slow internet - I want answers. REAL ones.

Question asked by derricklebrocq on Mar 21, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2014 by [shaw]heather

Legitimate question, Shaw. I've been with you guys for 11 years and I'm EXTREMELY upset with how I'm being treated here. I live in Vegreville, AB.


Ever since December (it was actually before that, but I'll get to that later), my area has been completely saturated at peak times - aka from when I get home from work, where I work to make money, and pay $60 a month for internet service, to when I go to bed (usually around 12am to 1am), the speeds are abysmal. I currently have the High Speed 25 package - the highest available in my area, and at peak times (aka useful times), it's impossible to do anything but browse, and even then, try getting a 720p video to load on Youtube. Laughable.  I'm a PC gamer, and the more new games come out and I'm unable to play them with my friends online before 1am, the more angry I get.


I called you guys allllll the way back in SEPTEMBER. This is when I noticed this starting in my area. I was blatantly lied to and told there were no issues. I waited it out. It got sporadically better, then it got worse. As per the norm. This continued, and I kept calling. They kept booking service calls, lying to me, and low and behold, in the middle of the day OUT OF peak times, when the service call is booked, he comes and sees nothing wrong. This has happened a bunch - and what's more is I take half days off work to wait for the ridiculous "between 1-5pm" timeframe (a half days pay) - and they usually don't show up until just AFTER 5, because they have so many OTHER issues in this area from people in the same boat as me. I've gotten to know my shaw tech pretty well at this point.


In December, i got fed up, I got on the phone, and resorted to being stern and even raising my voice a little bit, while making clear that I was NOT blaming the phone operator - because as the old saying goes - don't shoot the messenger. I did however need to get my point across that I was fuming over being ripped off all this time. Hundred of wasted dollars. I FINALLY got somewhere with this guy. On December 23rd, I was told there were saturation issues in my area and they were working on it. Finally, an acknowledgement that it wasn't my fault. All fine and dandy, I got (a measly now that I think about it) $30 credit, and waited. 2 months pass, I call again just before the olympics. I'm LITERALLY told on the phone "We're waiting until after the olympics to fix it", to which I responded, and I quote "Are you freaking kidding me?".


So, the olympics have NOW been over a month, and it's getting worse. I called in tonight. Twice. The first guy I talked to - he told me "Yeah...we're applying for a node split with the government etc, will take up to 6 months". 6 months. Really? 6 months? So what the heck have you guys been doing since December 23rd when this was acknowledged as an issue? Even worse, I was told "The best I can do is downgrade you to High Speed 10 for now..". I told him to forget it. Why? Cause I wasn't even getting THOSE speeds. I was maxing out at 4.89 and dipping as low as 0.30 on my downstream (during peak times - it's 3:16am now and everything is golden). I said nice and said "Ok, nevermind. Thank you. Goodbye". I don't see a point in being rude.


I called in again immediately - and THIS guy was at least helpful. He checked all my info,and even thoroughly agreed with me that I'm being screwed over. What's more, he even agreed with me when I brought up the point "How the heck did shaw NOT see this coming, as bad as it is now?". Were you guys like...sleeping? Anyway, he checked on things, there was an update a couple days ago, but alas it was completely useless. A simple "we're working on it". I heard that back in December. I thanked him, and he told me to call billing in the morning, as they were closed. He told me I should be asking for a discount of at least half until this is fixed, and get some credit for the money I HAVE paid, which is MORE than fair on my part given that my service has been much LESS than half of what I pay for since September.


I also found a group on Facebook - has about 1200 members or so. All of which are angry shaw customers who are within a 4 hour radius of me (go figure - it's THAT oversold). THEY are pushing for a class action lawsuit. I really don't care for that approach so I steered away from it - I just want my internet working, and soon. As in within a week soon. Many friends of mine have switched to telus, and are extremely happy. There is NOTHING stopping me from doing the same after 11 years - except just that, I've been with you guys for 11 years. You were the FIRST utility I got when I moved out of my parents house, and the first bill I ever got with my name on it, as silly as it sounds. Now I'm being jerked around. It seems as if I have to wait until Shaw loses X amount of customers over these issues in my area so it forces the saturation down.


Now, ALL that being said. I want answers, and an ETA. Like, today. I don't want to hear "I'm sorry for all the inconvenience" or "Could you try these troubleshooting tips". It has ZERO to do with me. I want real answers from your end. I'm seriously about to blow a gasket here.