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Reading pane pain

Question asked by bethaa on Aug 19, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2012 by [shaw]ali

Why do I have to have the reading pane on to be able to see all pictures and links in my emails?

If I turn off the reading pane, when I doubleclick into an email, I get an error message and cannot see all the pictures and links in the email.

When I have the reading pane on, either on the bottom or on the right side, I then can't see my whole page listing of emails and have to scroll up and down to see them.  I detest reading panes and always turn mine off, but never imagined that when I turned it off in the new 2.0 version, that it wouldn't let me see links and such in emails!  If that's the case, it shouldn't make it an option to turn off the reading pane, as who wants to not see the entire email?  This needs fixing, and when chatting with Customer Support, they acknowledged that this is a known issue that they are working on.  Sure liked the old version least it worked.