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Cannot sign into myShaw

Question asked by mgreenway6669 on Mar 21, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2014 by [shaw]ali

Again and again now I have tried and failed to log in with my information.



I tried using my account, NOTHING.

Tried making a new account, NOTHING.


Same error both times, no current or past forum posts can help me. I cannot even pay my bill now and because SHAW has disallowed me to log on, SHAW has now disconnected my services. Bravo. So not only was I locked out of my account to pay my bill, I am now lock out of my home services.


Two companies I could go for, and you were the lesser of the two evils. This service is deplorable.


I cannot log-in to my OWN ACCOUNT and pay MY OWN BILL. Shaw has now disconnected me.


Over and over I get "The sign in attempt was not successful.". That's it, THAT IS ALL THE INFO your web service can give me. I recreate a new account with a new name and new password, I enter my phone, I enter my postal code, my account number and guess what! "The sign in attempt was not successful."


Bravo indeed, Shaw.