Rate increase on my Shaw bill: $25/month more in less than a year

Discussion created by noname on Mar 22, 2014
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Dear Shaw Cable,


I have been your loyal customer in Vancouver since 1999. I added or removed my services with you as I moved during the following years and understandably there were changes in my monthly bill-some up & some down. But since 2011, I have had the exact same TV & Internet bundle. So I don't understand the following:


In March 2013, my monthly shaw bill was $59.90+tax=$67.09

Then in April 2013 the first rate increase came into effect. A $7taxes increase bringing my monthly Shaw bill to $66.90tax=$74.93


Yet again in September 2013 my Shaw bill increased *again* by another $10.10taxes and it was now $77.00tax=$83.66


Did it end there?


I guess not because I just noticed that on my March 2014 bill, Shaw increased my monthly bill **again**!!! I now have to pay $84.90+taxes!!!


So basically in less than a year I have to pay $25+taxes more a month for what exactly? I haven't changed anything in my Shaw services! There is absolutely no justification for this.


I am actively looking to switch and I bet a lot of other Shaw customers are too because this is completely unacceptable. And before I posted this, I searched for other people's posts on this forum about Shaw's rate increases and almost all those posts are all either locked or one gets the following message trying to access them:




Access to this place or content is restricted. If you think this is a mistake, please contact your administrator or the person who directed you here."


So I am pretty sure that this thread too will get locked or removed because Shaw (like a dictatorship) wants to stop people from publicly complaining about these ridiculous and unjust rate increases.


And I don't need Shaw to offer to contact me directly to discuss my bill so that they can then lock this thread.


Like all Shaw customers, I simply don't accept these unfair and ridiculous rate increases.


I suggest everyone spread the word about this to everyone they know by word of mouth, on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and every other social media platform. I know I will.


Hopefully Shaw will come to its senses and show some respect for it's long time customers by allowing the original grandfathered rates to be reinstated.