Gateway UI Feature Request - Recording Space "Details"

Discussion created by jorton on Aug 22, 2012
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If possible add a data summary to give users a better picture of the space used and also the space that will be used in the next 48hours or  two weeks (guide data max) so that you can see if you are going to run out of space and the auto delete will kick in removing the oldest recordings.  The % used doesn't really paint a picture of what is coming and where you will be in the next few days and weeks.  I may be the only one but I like statistics on my PVR storage and would love to see some more detailed numbers to help me manage my storage when needed and see what usage I am getting from my internal drive and external drive and with what content.


I don't think that this is that far fetched as the DCX3400 shows the individual drives in the installer setup menu and the space remaining on each and the Gateway has to be at least as technological as that


Some ideas would be,


Estimated % space needed for recordings in the next two weeks (or even 48 hours for a shorter term picture etc...) based on an "average HD" and "average SD" bitrate or "HD/SD average" if not possible to differentiate... Show 100%+ if you are going to max out and need to be concerned.

Hours of HD recordings and number or recordings

Hours of SD recordings and number or recordings

Estimated hours of recording space remaining in SD and HD based on average bitrates.

Actual usage in GB/TB not just a "rounded" % (add another decimal for detail screen at least).

The list goes on....


Here is a mockup,




Total recording space - 4.5TB (500GB internal and 4TB external)


Internal recording space - 500GB - 250GB or 50% usage.

External recording space - 4.0TB - 762GB or 19% usage.


Total recording space used - 1.12TB or 24.8%

     - 100 hours HD (60 recordings)

     - 15 hours SD (30 recordings)


Estimated recording space needed for next 48 hours - 1.0TB or 22.2%


Estimated recording space needed for next 14 days - 4.6TB or 100%*

(* Please watch/delete recordings to make space for upcoming)




Anyways just some examples, please don't check my math... it's a mockup


Please pass on to the Gateway/Arris team...