strange new failure - tuner blanks out then switches to another channel mid-recording

Discussion created by bcb on Mar 25, 2014
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here's another new and very strange recording failure with my DCX3510


- Sun Mar 23 I had a scheduled recording for the hockey game on Sportsnet ch22, 5:00pm ~ 7:30pm, which I extended by 30min when first set.

- no other recordings were scheduled, until 8:00pm CTV ch9 Amazing Race


later that evening,  upon playback of the hockey game recording, everything looked normal until around the 1hr 50min mark when suddenly the recording went blank and then the progress marker jumped way ahead to the 2hr 27min mark. At this point the recording was of a completely DIFFERENT show and CHANNEL !!  Instead of the remainder of the hockey game, the show Once Upon a Time from ch9 was recorded for the duration of the recording.  I checked the TV schedule and indeed that show was airing on ch9 between 7-8pm. So it seems like the single tuner that was busy recording the hockey game lost its mind part way through, perhaps blanked out* for approx half an hour and then started recording a different channel in the single recording/file (Only the hockey game is listed in the recording list, not the incorrect show)


once the recording is played back to the point of failure (~1hr50) it jumps to that incorrect show (~2hr27) and cannot be rewound before that point. So there's some kind of glitch right at that point in the recording where the tuner messed up.


the later recording on ch9 of Amazing Race was not affected, it recorded and played back normally.


*this wouldn't be the first time I've seen a tuner blank out completely during a recording. perhaps this is related to all the many strange 2-tuner problems I've been reporting (none of which have ever been resolved nor even acknowledged by Shaw)