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TV box has mind of it's own.

Question asked by iamwatching on Mar 26, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2014 by [shaw]heather

Here is a list of the odd-ball things the DCX3510-M has been doing:

  1. I set a program to record. It does. Most of it, but often times it drops the last few minutes. It's great if you don't want to know who killed the butler
  2. Not always, but often enough I will set a program to record. Later, when I look for it, it's there in the list, all 4-6 copies of itself, and all but one are locked! The settings are not set to lock anything. It is not that the same program does as most, (repeat of a repeated repeat), nor a 'marathon' (repeating a 4 hour DVD all day long), it's a one program on one day, at one time setting and I get many copies.
  3. Is there anything, anything at all, that I can do to get rid of the rude and annoying, Shaw cartoons from showing up during a program? Isn't there a rule preventing commercials from running on top of regular programs?
  4. Shaw suggested I switch. So I did. Because I still have a 40" screen on a analog, I was informed that they would make sure the right "box" was installed so it would be readable. After a few days, I asked if the correct box had been installed. I was told Shaw was all out of the older "boxes" and I would have to continue with the new one - because I agreed to a 24 month contract. I won't go into the contract was on condition of being able to see the programming. There's no arguing with the contract, but is there a way I could ask that someone, one of the techs here, check a warehouse in a corner somewhere for a older model that is suitable for our TV - as was promised?
  5. On my revisit to Shaw web site, I notice a lot of "Free installation for orders online". I did my switch via phone - since it wasn't "online", was the cost to install the new modem and TV box, and phone setup included in the monthly bill, or can I find that somewhere on the invoices? Haven't see it so far.
  6. When I switched, the Shaw person emailed me a paper that showed the channels I would receive, and those channels I lost. I discovered that one of those channels is an 'extra' and I was paying "extra" for it - so cancelled it, but haven't seen any change in the bill. Do the savings come at the end of the contract?
    • Since switching, some of the channels have disappeared. I am not referring to any 'preview', or 'free preview', These are channels that were in the list, and 1n longer show up in our channels. Having been with Shaw about 20 years, I know - changes have been made, and in a accordance with the agreement, Shaw can take away. Are there any plans to remove more?
    • I tried to get an updated version of the channel listings I am supposed to have, but the Shaw site insists that I live in Calgary. I'm not even in the same province!


That's most of it. I appreciate you taking a look at this.