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Question asked by okgal on Mar 26, 2014
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I have been a Shaw customer for three years. I have my tv, phone and internet bundled, for $177.82 each month. For digital cable. I noticed on my last bill that my 'rate guarantee' would end on May 1st and that my bill would be updated with the new charges. I was a little confused at the lack of detail, so I gave them a call. The girl I talked to told me that my bill would increase by $15.00 starting on May 1st, as my 3 year term ends. I was like WHAT?!?!?! I asked her if there were any loyalty plans for long term Shaw customers-my bill is always paid in time and I don't carry a balance. I also asked her about the Shaw Terminal Fee-$7.90 a month which works out to $285 in those three years. (In a previous conversation several months back, I was told that as of the end of term, I wouldn't have to pay that anymore. She confirmed that point, and put me on hold a few times to see what she could do about a better deal for me. When she came back, she told me that she could change the rate to $138.80-vs. $161.80!!!! So in my typical OCD way, I double and triple checked to make sure it wasn't too good to be true. I made sure that I could keep all of my current channels and services (Movie channels, super channels and 2 theme packs, same services bundled) and she said yes. There would be NO change to my channels, etc...I was thrilled! Finally-an opportunity to save some money, AND this new pricing would never expire as it's the regular rate. Even better! I would see the new rate on my next bill. Still...I asked her to email me the changes so that I had something to look at and have just in case something didn't go through correctly on my next bill. She agreed to do that. However, I didn't get her name. That was on March 19th.


Fast forward to March 25th, when I get my next bill. Nope. Nothing has changed!!!! Of course I start to panic and reread the info I had written down from the previous conversation. Still doesn't look right. The kicker? She never emailed me anything so now I have no proof. So I call again. The girl I talked to this time had a look at my account. She said that there were no notes made on my account and no record of the previous conversation. And a few other things-Shaw doesn't do loyalty plans. There is no way to lower my bill that much without losing something. Are you kidding me?!?! So of course they don't believe me and won't do anything for me. Oh let's have a look at your channels-is there anything you don't want or use?Let me think. Still have no idea what channels I actually get. As I said I have both sets of movie channels plus Sports 1 and Entertainment 2. It doesn't look like it's possible to make your own theme pack for a decent price as everything's already in a theme pack of some sort.


Really Shaw? I work in customer service too. I value my clients and always give them a better deal. Make it fair. Keep the customers happy. Reward loyal customers-as there is lots of competition out there. It's pretty important that your reps are consistent, concise and clear. And well trained.


A very dissatisfied customer