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I have been a long time SHAW, both in Edmonton and Calgary. (Close to 20 years I guess)

The price has always increased but the service rarely improves.

Many techs have been out to troubleshoot my service.

They have replaced my PVR, my Phone modem, my Internet modem and the cabling in my suite. I still have issues with poor TV quality (both audio and picture), intermittent Internet, and Phone service that has static.

I stopped asking them to come out because they DO NOT resolve the issues. They cannot seem to supply me with good signal.


As for conflicting answers, I truly BELIEVE that each agent has their own answers for questions that get asked. They seem to say whatever is needed to get the call over.

Many, many, agents have answered my questions and concerns with Tech visits as their only recommendation. Calling to speak to a supervisor has always been a disappointment. The previous calls seem be lacking any notes about what was told to me.

There is no recourse.

They're only competition is TELUS, (and you have to live in certain areas to get the good stuff).

Shaw knows you have no power over them. They insist that you pay in advance. You do not get refunds or discounts for poor service.

I read about people having issues all the time, all over the West, and when people start getting frustrated, SHAW doesn't want to post anything online. They send an invite for a "Private Chat", (as they did with you.), so they don't reveal how the issue was handled.

Customer Service? Hardly.


My $0.02 CDN ( and $200/mo. to SHAW)