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Finally got new pvr

Question asked by tsat on Mar 31, 2014

I have been holding back on it for many months after seeing all the bad reviews at Futureshop, Best Buy and here. The old one started to not show video on some recordings so I had to buy the new one or go Telus and I really didn't like the thought of having to change everything over. Right off I found what so many have reported, namely how you can't see what you were watching when you look at the Menu, its really odd to sort through the channels and can't see what you were watching in the corner, I almost didn't get the pvr just because of that. What one fellow said was also true, everything takes an extra click on the remote, from selecting the channel to deleting the show that was watched, a stupid pain, once again engineers versus people that actually use the thing. It also doesn't hold the pause as long which is also dumb because TVs can handle it better than ever before so why shorted it now? So far it has recorded and played back a couple of shows without problem I guess tonight will be the first big test with all the shows being recorded.  The menu does take some getting used to, before I knew everything below 200 was not HD now you have to look for tiny little HDs besides Tiny logos (and I have a 55 in plasma) it is nice not seeing what I am not set up to view but the channel 2 to whatever is hard to figure out all over again. It is also slow on going down through the channels, if it wasn't for the tiny logos and tiny hds it would be nice to be able to knock the font down in size to stop having to do the slow scrolling.  My son was going to use my old pvr to at least view the hd channels but now it doesn't work at all if someone has an idea on how to get it to work I would be interested. All in all I can't really see why the price is so high you can buy a decent computer with twice the hard drive space for the same price.