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Slow speed with WiFi enabled

Question asked by marionakis on Apr 1, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2014 by shaw-lance

The last few days my connection has been extremely slow. All of the heavy use items are wired (gaming pc, apple tv, netflix etc) but we also have WiFi on for the convenience of smartphone/tablet/laptop use. After playing around a little tonight I've noticed that the WiFi is affecting the internet; with it on I'm seeing an average ping of 600-1500ms and an average of 4-6Mbps on both wired and wireless equipment. I currently have a High Speed 25 connection. The second I disable WiFi the wired connections are right back up to 20-25Mbps with a ping of <100ms.

Just wondering what the issue could be? The other people in the house do rely on WiFi so leaving it off isn't really a long term option. Could it be the modem/router itself? We just use the Shaw provided SMC modem/router at the moment. In this day and age I doubt it could be someone else on our WiFi slowing things down?


Just looking for some thoughts!