Dissatisfied with Shaw gateway interface and remote

Discussion created by jak1950 on Apr 1, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2014 by mark_vse

We have had the Gateway system for a month and are very frustrated.  Some of our concerns:

  • Would be helpful to once again have color coding in the guide to show at a glance which are movies, sports, etc
  • when in the guide, moving to see what's on next on a channel, it moves in half hour increments rather than moving by program And directly to the next show. Can be quite frustrating when it's sport programming. 
  • Remote....we're given one old and one new remote (told that very few new remotes were sent to Victoria, majority in AB). Newer remote has output button plus exit.
  • tried to delete a show that was still recording; went to stop, clear but nothing.  After many attempts and much time we discovered that we needed to push info on the remote and then delete.  There is no consistency for deleting programs
  • searching.....we were searching for sports, so go to sports and then right arrow hockey for example and a huge list of programming appears. Ridiculous to try and sort through what we were looking for
  • Too many steps to record a program/series.  Sometimes you're to right click,others press okay.  Again, no consistency
  • noise of gateway.  Not sure why it needs to be running constantly
  • programs being cut off before they are completed - this is happening with sport programming, it's not recording for the allotted time in the guide.pretty much always cutting off games before they are finished.  Shouldn't always have to add extra time to the broadcast time shown

What we like about the Gateway:

  • Ability to record six programs at once
  • ability to access recorded shows from another tv/portal


Bottom line is we feel the gateway is not intuitive enough;  you may have had a great idea but you took a simpler interface and made it more complicated and less intuitive.  And yes, I adapt very quickly to new technology but not this one.  May be cancelling if we don't see some changes being made