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Shaw Transponder Remote

Question asked by chomas on Apr 2, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2014 by chomas

My dad is 91 years old and in a nursing home, with mild dementia and arthritic hands that do not deal well with a regular Shaw remote .  He is forever pushing buttons that reset the TV and do not allow him to use the remote to do anything.  Also he is confined to a wheel chair which does not allow him to access his wall mounted TV.  Shaw has a simpler remote called the transponder which has only a few essential buttons. This would be much more ideal for my father.   I called Shaw and they advised that I needed to speak with our local Shaw who have access to this remote.  He set up an appointment for me to have Shaw attend the nursing home and assess my dads need.  This happened today and the tech who arrived to deal with this advised me that these remotes are not order-able by them from their order depot in Calgary.  So who do I really need to talk to get ahold of this remote?????