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WTH?  Shaw tech claims "No cable box has ever been able to control volume"

Question asked by turb0 on Apr 2, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2014 by zathras

But that is simply not true.


I just got a basic HD box, and after a few reboots, she got it working.  But there was an odd problem.


When I hit volume up or down all that would show up on the screen is a volume dialog box that had the word VOLUME in it, but I could not move the "gas gauge" up or down.


She kindly explained to me that "the box" can't control volume, only the TV can and wanted me to program the new remote to work with the TV's volume control.


The previous box (the basic black one with no numbers, just the orange LED on the front and basic outputs DID control the tv's volume.


Anyhow I requested the call to be escalated and sure enough the "uber tech" said "No shaw boxes can control the volume going to the TV."


But the old one was CLEARLY controlling the volume.  An entirely different volume dialog box appears (at the top no less, as the TV's one is at the bottom).


There was no convincing this guy that this is how it has worked since I got the box.


Anyhow, I go to google and find out how I did it.


Do the remote setup and enter code 993 and boom! The shaw cable box now controls the volume going to the TV and not controlling the TV’s actual volume.


How is it possible that some schmuck like me can figure this out, but Shaw can't??